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We offer our clients unique, workable solutions and bring complex projects and programs to a successful conclusion.

Profitability & Productivity.

JA IK ACADEMY advises organizations on many of the major and urgent topics of our time, i.e. PROFITABILITY & PRODUCTIVITY.

We offer our clients unique, workable solutions. We bring complex projects and programs to a successful completion, and additionally provide temporary and permanent management solutions. We aim at achieving lasting value, and as a result, create a direct impact on future economic results.

We have evolved from the world of sports, where the team with the best results wins the championship at the end of the year; in other words, the organization and the team with the greatest returns and productivity distinguishes itself and drives everyone to a better performance; standing still is not an option.

With our top sports mentality, we look at organizations, (management) teams, departments and individuals through a HIGH PERFORMANCE lens in order to achieve Peak Performance. We do not do this by imposing our will, on the contrary, we listen and analyze, and together with the client, we determine which bespoke intervention is warranted.

PEAK PERFORMANCE is not a one-off action, but rather, a continuous process in which we look for the right flow and change over time, in order to stay ahead of the competition. That is what a top athlete does.


Individuals can win a match for you. But when it comes to holding the championship trophy at the end of the season, the best team takes home the championship. The best team offers room to develop individually by walking through the process together, and so position the right people in the right place; allowing room for errors, and above all to learn from this experience and use it to develop further. The technical team leaders also need to develop and understand the team. In short, it is essential to be one with the team.  Team leaders can also develop essential details for achieving their objectives during the season. The management and/or the supervisory board that is responsible for the entire organization, also has its functions and roles. They must also demonstrate peak structural performance. They provide support to the organization through their short- and long-term objectives.

In our view, the players, or employees, are the assets of the organization and it is therefore very important that these assets increase in value. The world is rapidly changing, and organizations are subject to continuous change as well, and need therefore to develop continuously. The environment changes, the course changes, the labor market changes, but Efficiency & Productivity always remain central.

We see that as the result of many challenges, companies need more and more support in the development of their organization and their employees, in order to continuously remain on a course, where HIGH PERFORMANCE aimed at obtaining higher productivity and profitability can be achieved.

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We offer our clients unique, workable solutions and bring complex projects and programs to a successful conclusion. Book a free appointment now.