Strategic HR.


What can it mean for your organization?


It is in the interest of your organization to optimally develop and utilize the natural qualities of your employees. Your organization will benefit from self-confident people who use their natural strength.


Strategic HR (SHR) uncovers the potential of your employees and is therefore the indispensable engine in your strategic HR processes. It helps your people to work from their natural strength and not forcing themselves to. SHR therefore, offers you the ultimate means to realize your strategic progression and objectives. The SHR increases the productivity and involvement of your employees. It leads to a healthier organization, in which people make a relevant contribution from their natural strength while enjoying their work.


Research shows that on the average, 40 – 60% of the personnel’s talent in an organization; is not utilized. If you want to help your people develop to their fullest potential, you need to know each person’s strengths and how to build the best teams to create optimal success.

The SHR system provides a domain with four functions:

  • The Strength Compass – Reveals up to 35% of your employees’ untapped talents
  • The 360 Degree Compass – Monitors both effective and ineffective behavior
  • The Profile Compass – Matches individuals or groups by roles and functions
  • Team Compass – Allows you to build the most successful teams

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