Academy Development Compass.



We use our Academy Development Compass (ADC) in an organization to uncover hidden drivers and their full potential.  This approach is conducted with team(s), departments and individuals. Subsequently, the strength lies at the different levels. Completing the ODC is fast, simple and thorough. The full potential is visible in 10 minutes; this is where we distinguish ourselves. We not only measure to gain insight into the motives, behaviour, natural strengths and management’s blind spots, but also those of the employees. This tool offers support to gain insight into how management and employees can work from their strength in combination with their talent. Using this online measuring instrument, we collect essential information and we can make an analysis as to whether the right person is in the right position. Additionally, it shows what does not suit the person and what demands excessive energy.

Before we start, each participant is evaluated individually. Depending on the developmental concern, we design tailor-made interventions. This allows us to work effectively on the ambitions and goals of the organizations. Certain parts based on behavior and attitude can be very focused and accurate making the organization function more effectively, which can also be quantified during the process.

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