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Leadership has always been important and will become more crucial to deliver Efficiency & Productivity.

The JA IK ACADEMY has executed the last 3 months Team Optimization Training in the Engineering department with supreme results. The work relation within the department has improved and the team cooperation results in better reaction times, solving problems, effectiveness and productivity.

I therefore highly recommend the training offered by Mr. Jalken Antonia.

Peter van Grinsven
General Manager at Playa Linda Beach Resort Aruba

First of all I would like to thank you JA IK ACADEMY this great opportunity. This training has opened my eyes in regards to who I was and where I can take my skills. I know today what my Natural Strengths, Natural Potentials are. I also know the reason why I got frustrated when things didn’t go the way I believed they should have gone. All this on a personal and professional level. I have a better understanding of each individual in my team today. Jalken has a talent for this and I truly appreciate his energy and passion to help the Playa Linda Engineering team and myself during the one on one sessions and with his follow-ups on the matter. Jalken, thank you so much, and keep it up!!

Alberto Arrindell
Director of Engineering & Projects at Playa Linda Beach Resort Aruba

We have satisfactorily made use of JA IK ACADEMY’s expertise in several of our companies. The trainer, Jalken, combines in-depth knowledge of the theory with excellent human skills. He is not afraid to tell the truth and doesn’t walk away when it becomes difficult. We have used Jalken for team building, personal growth of employees and conflict solving. He is a real motivator.

I would definitely recommend the use of JA IK ACADEMY its services.

Lennert van der Poel
Aruba Growth Fund – CEO of several companies 

I came across JA IK Academy when Jalken started working with a company within my organization. After realizing what he was doing, I decided to take the aptitude test. When discussing the results with Jalken, he told me things about myself that only a person that has known me for a longer time would have been able to; I was left flabbergasted.

This was the moment I decided to follow the training.  I started the training with the purpose of improving my self-understanding, enabling the improvement of my strengths, and complimenting my weaknesses.

Jalken’s training has served me well, enabling me to grow both personally and professionally. Self-understanding is an important aspect of a great leader, which Jalken’s training provides. Now, I can identify and solve problems more efficiently, allowing me to maximize my potential.

If you are looking to propel your organization and team to the next level, while creating a healthier work environment, you have found the right candidate for the job.

Franz Sydow
Botica di Servicio – Assistant to the Managing Director 

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