Our Expertise.

We employ professionals with diverse expertise.

Training and coaching for executive management.

JA IK ACADEMY is an institute of specialized leadership training and coaching for executive management. We also  offer these services to non-executive level employees, and provide training courses for Personal Leadership, Ownership and Entrepreneurial Behavior, with the aim of supporting the participants so that as many people as possible proactively contribute, discover their fullest potential, develop, and  their natural strength to realize set goals.

We employ professionals with diverse expertise. Our advisors always operate together, but from their own field and perspective. They link a broad view of collaborative science, management modification and organizational science to specific topics.

We help organizations change with an eye on increasing efficiency and productivity. We not only advise, but also feel responsible for its implementation. In that respect, we prefer to be on the field rather than on the side-lines.

Organizational Transformation is our field of expertise, such as Management modification, Culture & Leadership, Leadership Development, Boardroom Formation and Executive Coaching, as well as Career Guidance, Team Development, ‘one on one’ coaching and Training for non-executive employees. We conduct our training onsite – in your home stadium.  A home match always gives people the most confidence to rise above themselves.

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