Personal Leadership.


The term “Personal Leadership” describes it perfectly. It is about directing yourself, taking charge of your own life. With personal leadership you get something done that is essential to you! This form of leadership is addressed in every leadership program. Before you can start directing others, you must first take leadership over your own life.

Personal leadership starts with self-management. In other words, the realization that you should be in control of your own life.

Why Personal Leadership?

There is an important reason to practice personal leadership. You bridge the gap between potential and performance. Because we are not good at personal leadership, we miss out on a lot of potential. Personal leadership ensures that you develop your own potential.

Success is for everyone. Success is an attitude, a way of being. You can develop this way of being, through personal leadership.

If you do not, your leadership will be ineffective at best and destructive at worst. The good news is: if you do take control of your own life, that life will be more pleasant, you will experience more meaning and you will also be more easily recognized by others.

Personal leadership requires our willingness to lead a responsible life. If we are willing to do so, we have an important leadership tool in our hands, namely the ability to consciously determine how we will react in any situation.

As humans, we are able to automatically interrupt reactions or behavioral patterns the moment they occur and consciously choose which qualities we adopt and which actions we take.

As long as we do not choose consciously, which is also a choice, we are at the mercy of circumstances in which we find ourselves and the patterns we have learned. Choosing makes us live our lives; not choosing makes us powerless and is the source of all our suffering.

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